Give your time and talent in your community and beyond.
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My Nonprofit Needs Help
If you are a nonprofit leader, use the virtual event to connect with skilled volunteers, initially to do scenario planning but for more conversations and projects in the future.
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I Want to Help
We know you want to help nonprofits that matter to you in a virtual way, utilizing your current expertise but also learning new ways to think about solving problems.
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What Does It Do?
Uses a Virtual Event
to connect and match skilled volunteers to nonprofits who need immediate help figuring out what's next.
Why Now?
Our pandemic-disrupted world requires a new focus on helping nonprofits plan for what’s next. Our service provides training to the volunteers and nonprofits on how to leverage a planning framework to create short-and long-term impacts.
What Makes It Unique?
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The service uses an innovative
virtual event platform and artificial intelligence to speed the right matches, mostly within a community but potentially anywhere.
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For Whom?
Communities, community foundations, family foundations, membership organizations, companies, fundraising entities, volunteer centers and others.
What's the Big Deal?
Our service delivers actionable insights and almost immediate measurable impact -- yielding a significant return on investment for our partners.
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What Attendees Have to Say
"The event was awesome. I did get to talk to a lot of nonprofits and in fact was able to connect and begin to help. Thank you for organizing such a fruitful experience.”
Asawari Deshmukh
HelpConnect Event Attendee